Welcome to the blog! I thought I’d give an introduction to me and my experience with, well, everything. This post will be updated over time as the blog changes and maneuvers around various subjects.

So, hi. My online moniker for this blog is Mono, and I’m here to introduce myself. Let’s make this quick, okay? (Maybe we can set a world land speed record—get ready, dial-up.)

Current focus language(s):

  • Spanish and Korean

Other dabbling language(s):

  • Too many to name, but will be mentioned over time. Let’s just say my interests range from Cherokee to Malagasy.

Time spent learning languages:

  • Over 10 years

First language experience:

  • Japanese

(Main) Language learning philosophy:

  • Blend all types of learning to create your own path

You might ask what else about me is special and why you should be reading what I’ve got to say. I have no answer, really, other than my greatest talent, even if I end up still mediocre in a lineup, is analysis. I love to pick out the themes in movies, analyze interactions between my fellow humans, and go deep into the implications of actions I or whole societies might take. There is no objectively better world, just one that fits the circumstances for a certain person or group more keenly (or worse) than the previous set.

I think you’ll find I am a pretty calm person, and I hope my analytical mind is refreshing to be around instead of a burden. Arguing is never fun, as it never leads to productivity; what helps in the end is open discussion of an issue through logic.

But I’m no Spock. I’m rather more of a Napoleon Dynamite.

There you have it! I hope that sheds some light on what I’m like as a learner. Let me proudly cut the ribbon ✂️ to commence the opening of a new journey with this blog!

I welcome any and all who care to learn about cultures different from their own and are willing to step outside their comfort zone to meet great people. Hopefully we’ll all realize we’re not too dissimilar after all.

  1. Isabella Avatar


    I am always curious to learn about people’s love of learning. I grew up speaking only one language in my household and by the 1st grade I was in step with English, Chicago style, my 2nd language.

    1. mono Avatar


      Excellent. I’m always proud to share my love of learning, because my parents instilled in me the power of “owning your knowledge” and building on it throughout your life. Language learning is something I think I’ll always be invested in, not only because it’s my passion, but because it’s something near and dear to the people close to me as well. English as a second language can be tough for a lot of people to master, and I was fortunate enough to grow up with the privilege of having it as my native tongue so that I faced less discrimination. However, since my parents grew up bilingual, a part of me always wonders what it would have been like to have grown up with a second soul. Luckily, my parents also granted me the opportunity through their hard work and dedication an exceptional education, whereby I began to really dig into other nations’ histories and ways of life. It’s hard to say what’s better, but as an adult with a bit of skill in critical thinking, and one who constantly weighs possibilities and what-ifs, I still think my struggle to understand a new tongue after the critical period is all the more worth it given my good fortune in life so far. Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog 🙂

      1. Isabella Avatar


        This is wonderful. You replied so eloquently. Well put.

      2. mono Avatar


        Thank you for the compliment. I love my parents, so I always strive to do right by them.

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