Words are Stars, and I Watch Them Twinkle Past Dawn

"A small dream is worth a thousand big dreams, if only you choose to nurture it."

Hi, there! My name’s Mono, and as you can tell, I’m a language student and words enthusiast based in the United States.

My focus languages are Spanish and Korean, and through this blog I aim to inform and educate interested parties on the trials and tribulations of mastering a different language, or even their own.

You’ll also find on this blog bits about my life, my attempt to wrangle communication into concrete, if not beautiful form; this might include movie or book reviews, discussing the art of writing (and making it something we all can understand, despite my amateur abilities in the craft), or trying to understand cultural phenomena from different places, in different ways.

I like variety, and I want to make sure no stone is left unturned, but that important questions are generated in the reader for their own personal growth. This blog will be a veritable smattering of concepts that may not seem to fit together, but I’ll try my best to shove them into one cohesive theory of the cosmos 😉

For more about me, see here.

(Photo credit: @etienne_barpacifico on Instagram)