Big changes are afoot here at BAB Publishing Consultancy in this 10th anniversary year.

It’s time for me to write my next book and to publish the children’s books that I’ve completed. I wrote my last traditionally published book in 2004, at which time I launched BAB publishing consultancy to inspire and assist others to “birth” their books.  I wrote the Women’s Empowerment curriculum in 2005 and various e-books since then. And I have just completed the Empowerment Skills curriculum for Community Action House here in Holland.

So YES, I am always writing something, but there are a few more books in me and I must allow them the room to grow.

I have appreciated working with over 300 writers in the past 10 years to move their projects along toward publication. Their ideas and words have inspired me and prepared the space for me to turn back toward my own writing.

I also appreciate the BAB Team: Nichol Skaggs, Gary Hall, and Pam Suwinsky ( Contact Gary directly at ( for book design and Pam directly at for editorial services.

I asked my Facebook community: “What do you want me to write about next?” Many of them have read my books and blogs over the years. Together, we are playing in the field of infinite possibility together. I’ll keep you posted about what’s next!

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For the love of words, Patricia


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